Holidaying in Ireland over Europe

Work and school breaks offer rare opportunities to relax. Many use these to travel to places they've never been to before. These could be popular tourist attractions abroad which offer sunny weather such as Turkey and tropical islands. However, a large number of people are now choosing to stay within the UK and Ireland for their holidays. Sticking closer to home brings several advantages that they are keen to exploit. Portrush in Northern Ireland is one destination that has enjoyed a good deal of attention from the locals. It is located on a coast and has facilities like hotel portrush that make it an ideal resort town.

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By opting to stay in Portrush, people don't have to bother with expensive plane tickets and long travel times. They can simply take the car for an enjoyable road trip along the countryside. Public transport is also available. There are buses and trains that can take tourists to the town in comfort. Check the timetables to plan things well. This is definitely easier to organise compared to a trip abroad. In fact, it can be visited on weekends so there is no need to wait for an extended break. Leave on Friday night and get back home on Sunday night.


Keeping it local means spending less. We have already pointed out the savings you can get in terms of travel costs. Here you only need to go by land and you can use your own car. Paying for gasoline should not be much of an issue. It's possible to go whenever you feel like it. International holidays, on the other hand, require advance booking unless you are willing to pay large amounts for last minute tickets. Hotels that cater to foreign tourists also tend to be expensive and this can be a problem if you are planning to bring a large party.


One of the biggest reasons people have for spending their vacations abroad is that they can choose from a wide variety of places to see and things to do. In reality, the same can be said of the local tourist spots like Portrush. If you are craving for beaches, the town has three fine examples that get regular visitors. It is even possible to surf the waves at certain times of the year. Those who love to play golf will find it particularly appealing with courses that are considered as some of the best in the world. Hikers can complete great walks along the coastline by following established trails.


Portrush is perfect for family vacations. It isn't that far and everyone can simply hop inside the car for the drive. There are hotels and BBs with affordable rates for everyone. The children will love going to Barry's Amusement Park near the town centre. It's a large property with a rich history that dates back to 1925. On the East Strand are spots which are suitable for picnics and swimming. White Rocks Beach offer an escape from the buzz of the town with quieter surroundings where you can relax.